Rendering Buildings in Photoshop via the 3D Transform Filter


 This tutorial is based on Photoshop CS and assumes that the user has basic knowledge of photoshop and can work with the  application. The 3D transform is very useful in rendering, and can render simple shapes with ease. Previous versions of  Photoshop installed the 3D Transform as part of the normal installation, but as of Photoshop CS, the 3D transform filter is not  installed by default. To determine whether the filter is installed on your version of Photoshop, open Photoshop, and navigate  to the filter menu tab. Under the render submenu, there should be a 3D Transform Filter.

 If the filter is there, you are good to go and can proceed with the tutorial. If not, jump to Appendix and learn how to install  this powerful filter.

Step 1. Framing the Building

 In this tutorial we will be making a simple building, but the filter opens up endless possibilities. Start by creating a new  10240x768 image. Make sure the color set is set to rgb 16 bit, as several filters will not work with cmyk 32 bit.

 Fill the box with white by pressing "d" for the default white and black scheme, and "x" to switch the foreground color to black.  Then use the paint bucket to fill the workspace with black.

 Now create a new layer by pressing "ctrl+shift+n." It should be a transparent layer.

 Goto: Filters > Render > 3D Transform.

 This white space is where you can draw different shapes, and the left sidebar contains several basic shapes you can use.

 Select the rectangle Tool:

 Now select the trackerball tool and click and hold to rotate the cube so that the back is visible.

 There is the basic structure of the building.

Step 2. Coloring the structure

 To change the color shading of the building, bring up the shading menu by pressing "ctrl+u" Select the colorize checkbox, and  change the hue of the bar to select a color.For this building blue was chosen.

 To texturize the building, use the add noise filter under Filter > Add Noise > Filter 5% Uniform and Blur > Gaussian Blur with 1  pixel to create a nice textured effect.

Step 3. Changing Shapes

 Let's try making a different type of building. In the 3D Transform stage, Use a Cylinder in place of a cube. Then add a sphere  before rendering. The result is:

Step 3 Part II: Changing Shapes via Points

 Use the add points tool to add points on the right side of the green gridline and move the points around to create a different  shape. When rendered the shape is seemingly more complex.

Step 4. Final Result

 By combining several buildings together, the end result is a small city:


 To install the plugin, make sure that Photoshop CS is not open on the computer.

 Then download 3D Transform.8BF and place the file in your

 ..\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Plug-Ins\Filters Folder.

 The default Installation is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Plug-Ins\Filters

 The filter is now installed. Open Photoshop and the 3D Transform filter will be under:
        filters > render > 3D Transform