How to create clouds

Step 1.

 Open Adobe Photoshop. Then click on File, New to create a new file. Preset to Custom. Enter the Width and Height (I chose 1024*768) Also, make the background transparent and color mode to RGB.

Step 2.

 Right click on Layer1 and select Layer Properties and rename this layer to Background.

Step 3.

 Click on your foreground color to set this color. Here, I set my colors as H:200, S:75, B:100 (You can change these values according your color preference. If you want a darker blue, set S to a higher value and for lighter set it to a lower value. For B, the higher the number the lighter the color.) Click on OK to close that window after you’re selected the color.

Step 4.

 Click on the background color to set this color to H:210, S:56, B:100. Click OK after you’re done selecting your background color preference.

Step 5.

 Click on the gradient tool (which is right next to the eraser tool). Drag the gradient tool from the very top left of the page to the bottom right to fill it with the colors selected above.

Step 6.

 Create a new layer by selecting Layer on the main menu, then click on New and Layer. You can name this layer Clouds.

Step 7.

 Click on Filter>Render>Clouds from main menu.

Step 8.

 Go to Filter>Render>Difference Clouds. Now, press CTRL+F a few times until you have the clouds appearing as you like.

Step 9.

 Press CTRL+L to change the input levels to 30, 1, 100.

Step 10.

 Duplicate the clouds layer by right clicking on the clouds layer and select duplicate layer that you can name Extrude.

Step 11.

 Click on Filter>Stylize>Extrude. Change the size of the pixels to 2, depth level-based and check solid front faces.

Step 12.

 Right click on Clouds Layer and select blending options. Change the Blend Mode to Screen.  Repeat the above two steps for the Extrude layer also.

Step 13.

 Click on the Extrude layer. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and change the number to 2.