Biography Title

Michele Bayan

Let's take a glimpse into the life of the girl infamously known as Michele with one L. She is known to many as being easily influenced by the people she surrounds herself with. Early in her years as a girl, she experienced an "ugly duckling" stage. With the help of her two guy friends, Mike and Dave, also known as her personal "Fashion Police", she was eventually voted by her peers as the girl who turned from Geek to Chic. She presently lives and enjoys her life happily on a secluded island in the Pacific Ocean.

Sandhya Buddi

Sandhya is a senior at Douglass College majoring in Finance. She was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and has moved to California at the age of 11. She later moved to Michigan during high schools years, making it the third high school she's attended in only 4 years! After finishing high school, she moved to NJ, where she has been studying at Rutgers for the past 4 years. She's looking forward to graduating soon and start earning with her new job, although she'll be missing her friends. She plans to go back to school in the future for further studies.

Richard Chang

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. What does that mean? It means that the person who made the fence is a bastard. To be unfettered means anarchy, and even though anarchy would result in a complete breakdown of the socioeconomic status and norms of civilization, for the first month or so it would be pretty sweet for those with imaginations.

Roxanne Franco

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Buttgers, there lived the one called Roxanne. Her favorite hang-out was the well behind her house. One day, she was chasing cows with her friends Rich, Eric, Michele, and Sandhya when suddenly BAM! She tripped and fell into the well. She yelled for help, but her friends had to run home and finish their Web Authoring homework, thus, she lived forever in the well. Years later, they made a movie about her called the Ring. It made millions. But she didnít cash in because there werenít any banks in the well. So sad. The end.

Eric Jen

Greetings! I am a 'rare, bearlike mammal with distinct black and white markings born in the farming provinces of Taiwan but currently residing in the mountains' of Jersey. I enjoy preserved bamboo, although microwaved cookies are a real treat. I think I have an unhealthy appetite for bad weather. For some reason I love walking in the rain, the snow, the sleet. It makes me feel really good. It feels like stuff is raining down on me, and even if I tried to fight off all the raindrops, there would be no way I could fight em all. It just keeps coming just like problems life. This quirky panda bear loves life not for the things that go right with it, but for all the things that don't.