Image Mapping in GoLive

To start working with an image, the first thing that must be done is the image has to be bought into GoLive. To do this, we simply add some code to the web page.

<img src="url(or location of a picture)/folder name/name of image.format">

This code put in the proper location will make the image appear on the website. Now we are ready for editing and formatting.

The Image As a Link:

One very nice tool GoLive is the ability to turn the image into a link.

1) Just right click on the image and go to apply link.

2) Choose the # sign.

3) A window will open and in the top space (where is says source), type the url of the site you want to turn the image into. I have put in the correct space.

4) The last thing that must be done is to turn the url into a link. To do this, just click on the @ button in front of the url.

Image Mapping:

It is also very easy to turn the image into an image map using GoLive.

1) Right click on the image and click on the Set Image Map tab. There will be an editing bar that appears at the top.

In it you can choose the color, shape, and border of the space that will turn into a link.

The first three tabs after the arrow are for selecting the shape of the part of the picture that will be a link.

2) Just click on the shape you want. Now go to the image and draw the shape where you want the image to turn into a link.

3)Click the next tab if you want to display the site url on the image.

4) You may also want a border around your picture when you are working with it. To do so, just click the next tab. The border icon will put a border on the part of the picture you have chosen if it is pressed in and no border is it is not pressed in.

5) The next tab will colorize part of the picture that is a link. This is also to help identify which part of the picture has been turned into a link. If it is pressed in, the color will appear.

6) The next tab is to choose color.

If you want the area to stay clear, just choose the top-left color (#FFFFFF) or make sure the tab before is not pressed in.



The last two tabs are used to manually chose the part of the picture that you want to turn into a link.

1)The first tap will automatically align the area in whatever way you choose.

Once the window appears, just choose an alignment you like.

2) The second will allow you to type in the exact coordinate of the area and size of your picture that will be turned into a link.

Once that window appears, use the position and size to control the link box. Under the Position heading, type the right-margin in the first bos and the top-margin in the second box. This will allow you to place the box anywhere on your image. Under the Size heading, type width in the first box and the height in the second.

I have already shown you where to type the site url. If you do not remember, just go to the third step of The Image as a Link part, at the top of the page, and follow that step alone.