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How to put Video on your Web Site:

For any internet users who want to air video on their web sites, these step-by-step instructions will help you accomplish such goals. In fact, after reviewing this guide, you will be able to broadcast live events such as work conferences, lectures, and webcam security directly on your site. Also, you can learn how to air pre-recorded video taping such as self-produced movies and interviews over the web.

How to make a Button using Macromedia Flash:

Macromedia Flash, one of the most widely used programs among web designers, allows for the development of very interactive user interfaces and dynamic animation. For example, In the area of buttons and links, the combination of HTML and CSS allows for only certain rollover effects, where as in Flash the possibilities are endless.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own very special button in Macromedia Flash MX.


Typography is the order and arrangement of letters on a page. Good typography helps the user understand and interpret the information which appears on the page. It should establish a clear visual hierarchy that assists readers in comprehending the content. Well-designed typography will also clarify the relationships that the text shares with headlines and pictures.

Here is a guide to using typography to refine your website.

How to work with Layers in Photoshop

Layers in Photoshop can be of immense help for making pictures or text look better. An example of this would be a collage made out of different pictures by making them into separate layers, superimposed on each other. This tutorial will guide you through the simple steps of doing so. Use the step-by-step instructions to learn how to use this amazing feature of Photoshop to create pictures that look great. Ideal for use by beginners! Click here to begin.

How to make a Photo Blur in Photoshop
Photo blurs are used in a variety of ways. It is primarily used to show depth in a picture but can also be used to show a glow as seen in studio pictures. Using this technique in images on your website will give it a more professonal look.

Users with Photo CS will benefit most with this tutorial as Adobe added a new Filter called the Lens Blur. This gives the illusion of the natural blur a professional camera gives to show depth. This differs from the "photochopped"...Continue here