Josh Cohen
Josh Cohen, a journalism student at Rutgers University, is well-rounded in broadcast media. For two years, he was the high school sports play-by-play announcer for Woodbridge Township Television in Woodbridge, NJ. Known for his unique sayings such as "Bang!" "Yes!" "3-Ball Side Pocket!" "Buckets!" "Splash from Jupiter!" He's a Maniac with a Fire-Ball!" He Can't Miss, Just Swish!" "You Got Mail, and he just Nailed it!" and "Don't be a Fool Sucka, It Ain't just a Lucka!, Josh wants to help you air your own video over the net so you can provide your own commentary. Just no dirty stuff, ok?

Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta, a senior at Rutgers University is majoring in Biotechnology. His last semester at Rutgers has been a lot of thrill with Web Authoring, as this genetic engineer has set out on a journey to explore the principles of web-designing. Not only has he made an exclusive webpage on Mumbai Tourism, but has also written some articles about the culture of the city and Bollywood, which are a must-read for anyone who wants to explore Mumbai-on-the-net. Join him as he takes you onboard a memorable e-flight to Mumbai - The City of Dreams!

Megan Conry
Megan Conry is a psychology major and a senior at Rutgers University. Next year she hopes to be attending graduate school to pursue a career as a Speech Pathologist. Otherwise she will be diligently searching for a rich boy to marry. In her spare time, Megan enjoys Irish Dancing, road trips to Newark (the bad section), and watching baseball and hockey. She wishes her father would stop offering career advice.

Dan Frieber
hi, my name is dan frieber and im a freshman at rutgers. next semester i hope to attend the mason gross school of the arts where i can expand my knowledge of web authoring and graphic design. I love to design, and have been doing so for the past 5 years of my life. my portfolio website can be found here. My interests include snowboarding, playing the bass guitar, writing and listening to music, going to concert, the beach, etc. thanks for reading!

Michael Fernandez
Michael Fernandez, senior in Economics. Been studing business aspect of the world while being a full time Freelance Artist. He hopes to join the likes of Spike Jones, Dan Cunningham, and other directs from Curious Directors. After college, he will continue working on freelance art and try to land a job at a production/advertising company. Currently his portfolio is kept private for clients only but will release some concepts in the near future. For a taste of his recent work, Click Here